Mission, Vision, History

Mission Statement: Developing Leaders, Inspiring Learners, and Building Relationships

Vision Statement: At Pheasant Point Elementary, our focus is on the best interests of our students. Together we will; develop leaders by discovering individual strengths, inspire learners for life, and build relationships by communicating students’ worth through trust, encouragement, and guidance. We are committed to doing what is right by children each and every day.

Cultural Diversity


Unity  in diversity--a lofty goal. At Pheasant Point Elementary, we strive to exemplify  the values that our great country was built on. The original motto of the United  States, "E pluribus unum," actually means, "Out of many, one."  It is heartwarming to watch our students live  out this motto each day.  Pheasant  Point’s student body is unique in that it is made up of students who were born  in a number of different countries!  Our  students have the priceless opportunity to regularly interact with students from  around the world!          

“It  is not in numbers, but in unity that our great strength lies.” Thomas Payne –  American Revolutionary