Arrival and Dismissal

Our arrival/dismissal procedures will stay the same as last year. Car loop for drop off/pick up will be located in the back of the school building nearest the playground.  Buses will drop off/pick up in the front of the building. 

car loop drawing.PNG

What does this mean for car riders?

Parents can pull through the car loop in back of the building to drop off students beginning at 8:45 am. Please pull up in a single file line in the designated drop off zone. PPE staff will be outside to assist as needed. Please wait for a staff member to open the door before letting your child out.  Students can enter the building from either of the open doors and head to their classroom.  PPE staff will be outside to assist as needed. No early drop offs please as there will not be supervision for students.

Gates will be locked to the entrance of the car loop before dismissal. When gates are opened, cars may enter the back loop and form a double pick up line along both the sidewalk and playground curbs with an open middle aisle for students to walk down. 

You must have car tag visible for pick up. Students will remain in their classrooms until released by the dismissal team. They will dismiss to the back car loop and enter their vehicle.  Please do not move your vehicle until the dismissal team gives the signal to exit the car loop.  We will then pull up the next batch of cars and follow the same procedures. 

What if I forget my car tag?
You will need to park in the front parking lot and buzz the office to sign your child out with an ID. If you are having someone else pick up your child and forget to give them your car tag, they will need to park in the front, buzz the office and show ID. We will need to verify they have permission to pick up your child. 

What time can I drop off my child?
School begins at 9am and students are allowed to enter the building beginning at 8:45 when our arrival staff team is outside and teachers are in classrooms to supervise arrival of students. 

What if I need to pick up my child earlier?
If you need to sign your child out of school early, please park in the parking lot and buzz the office to sign your child out. Please bring your ID to sign out your child.

What if sometimes my child is a car rider and sometimes a bus rider?
Please be sure to communicate with the classroom teacher and the office if there is a change in dismissal. For a transportation change that happens during the school day be sure to call the school office, we need to have any transportation changes entered into the system. Sometimes teachers may not have time to check their email during the school day, calling the school office will assist us in communicating the correct dismissal changes 

If I am dropping my student off for school after 9:00, what should I do?
Park in the front parking lot and buzz the office. Office staff will meet you at the door to check your child in and get their lunch choice.

Thank you for helping us ensure the safety of all our students!

Mrs. Katie Orf and Mrs. Shannon Findley