December 2019 Celebration Assembly
At our December assembly, our 3rd grade introduced the Canned Food Drive.  Click here for more information on this drive.

Take a look at all that we celebrated at our December assembly!

Mrs. Angelbeck's class (Ms. Bingaman): Mrs. Angelbeck's class has been working hard on putting first things first with all of their class work!  Way to go!

Mrs. Mecker's class:  Mrs. Mecker's students are growing their reading levels. Yay!

Ms. Garlich's class: We are growing as mathematicians.  Woohoo!

Mrs. Bender's class: Mrs. Bender's class has officially started learning cursive!

Mrs. Mateja's class: Mrs. Mateja's class had everyone reach their goal during math Win-Win time.  Good job Room 23!

Mrs. Vandiver's class: Our class earned 14 marbles in 8 school days!  These are compliments from adults!

3rd grade: The 3rd grade classes are working hard on learning multiplication strategies.

Mrs. Brightfield's class: Mrs. Brightfield's class had a 92% average on their chapter 11 math test!

Ms. Barnhart's class: Ms. Barnhart's class had a class average of 96% on their squares and rectangles test.  Way to go!

Mrs. Rogers' class: All of Mrs. Rogers class scored an 80% or higher on the squares and rectangles test.

Mrs. Schoonover's class: Mrs. Schoonover's class received an average of 96% on our chapter 2b division retake test and a class average of 82% on our Ch. 3 fraction test.

Coach Marstall wants to say congratulations to all of our PPE students on your hard work in ELA and Math and Attendance.  Look at these WIG scores!

 december assembly 1  December assembly 2