January 2020 Celebration Assembly
Take a look at all that we celebrated at our January assembly!
Mrs. Keisker's class: All of the children made progress in naming the letters in the alphabet.

Mrs. Little's class: Mrs. Little's class earned all the compliments needed for a pajama day!  So proud of you!

Mrs. Zeek's class: Mrs. Zeek's class earned a compliment party for 25 compliments around the building.  Way to lead by example!

Mrs. Fletcher recognized the first grade students for learning how to type their login and password.  They have been doing awesome!

Ms. Garlich's class: All of Ms. G's class are growing as readers!  Woohoo!

Mrs. Bremer's class: We have been working hard learning our addition to 20 strategies.

Mrs. Angelbeck's class: Mrs. Angelbeck's class has been working hard on their high frequency sight word lists and grown levels. Yay!

Mrs. Bender's class: Mrs. Bender's class is continuing to build on their mental math strategies!

Mrs. Sach's class: All of the students in Mrs. Sach's class showed improvement in their nightly reading and 15 students reached their goal.  :)

Coach Marstall noticed students in Mrs. Bender's class creating goals in their Leadership binders.  Great job tracking your action steps!

Mrs. Buelterman's class: Our class average on our Chapter 7 Multiplication test was a 90%...way to use your strategies!

Mrs. Callahan's class: All students scored 90% or higher on social studies projects!  Check them out on display!

Ms. Barnhart's class: Ms. Barnhart's class is ready to rock 2020 with a positive attitude and a growth mindset!

Mrs. Rogers' class: Mrs. Rogers' class has been practicing routines and expectations well for the second half of the year.  Keep it up!

Mrs. Mahler's class: Mrs. Mahler's class has had excellent attendance and effort since winter break!