March 2020 Celebration Assembly
Check out these celebrations from the March Celebration Assembly!
All 1st grade classes had a test average of 89% on their chapter 8 math test!  Way to go!
Mrs. Keisker's children all made progress on reading their sight words.  Way to go!
90% of Mrs. Brightfield's class scored an 80% or higher on the fractions math test!
Mrs. Sachs' class has learned all of their cursive lowercase letters and is working hard on cursive upper case letters.
Congratulations to all of the teams that represented PPE at the STEM Olympics last night!  Way to work together!
Shout out to all students and staff for a successful Kids Heart Challenge as we raised $5731.46.  This allows the PE department to have an additional $500 for equipment!  Thank you! ~Mrs. Furtwengler and Dr. Johnston
Ms. Barnhart's 4th grade class scored an average of 95% on their Ch. 6 Fractions assessment.
All of Ms. Mays' friends showed 40% growth or mastery of sight word lists A & B.  Way to go and keep working hard!
Mrs. Schoonover's class worked hard on our Math Benchmark test!
All of Mrs. Zeek's class grew on their sight words!  Way to read!
Mrs. Mahler's class worked together to complete the Great Escape through the building last week.