PPE Daily Read Alouds
The PPE Reader Leaders would like to continue to support our love of reading by sharing a daily read aloud with PPE students. Each day a staff member will share a video of a favorite book! Enjoy!
 Date Staff Member Book Title
 4/2/2020 Mrs. Fletcher Pajama Time
 4/3/2020 Mrs. Findley The Day the Crayons Came Home
4/6/2020 Mrs. Zeek Pete the Cat's World Tour 
 4/7/2020  Mrs. Orf  Little Blue Truck
4/7/2020 Mrs. Bremer A Bedtime Story: Memoirs of a Goldfish
4/8/2020 Mrs. Marstall The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings
4/9/2020 Mrs. Callahan In My Heart 
4/10/2020  Mrs. Milsark Libbi Lou Ventures Out
4/13/2020  Mrs. Schoonover How I Became a Pirate
4/14/2020 Mrs. Pearson If You Give a Dog a Donut 
4/15/2020 Mrs. Sachs Pig the Pug
4/16/2020  Mr. Bancroft Even More Parts
 4/17/2020 Mrs. Mays If you Give a Pig a Pancake
4/20/2020  Mrs. Mateja Goodnight Moon
4/21/2020 Mrs. Haberkorn There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Frog
4/22/2020 Dr. Johnston Go, Dog, Go!
4/23/2020 Mrs. Michalka The Lion Inside 
4/24/2020 Mrs. Ruge How Mrs. Ruge Stays Busy  and  Diary of a Spider
 4/27/2020 Mrs. Lucas
Mrs. Lucas & Family 
4/28/2020 Mr. Howell Mr. Howell's Art Galleries:  Gallery 1  and Gallery 2 
4/29/2020 Mrs. Furtwengler  Baabwaa & Wooliam
4/30/2020 Mrs. Haberkorn   Talk, Oscar, PLEASE!
5/1/2020 Mrs. Gourley  Because
5/4/2020 Mrs. Schoonover  The Silver Serpent Cup
5/5/2020 Mrs. Ruge The Monster at the End of this Book
 5/6/2020 Mrs. Little  The Perfect Nest
5/7/2020 Mrs. Orf Arthur's New Puppy 
5/8/2020 Mr. Bancroft  Where the Wild Things Are
5/12/2020  Mrs. Callahan  Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day
5/13/2020  Mrs. Zeek A Bad Case of Stripes
5/14/2020  Mrs. Buelterman  Rapunzel and the Seven Dwarfs
5/15/2020 Mrs. Findley Corduroy
5/18/2020  Mrs. Marstall Oh The Places You'll Go! 
5/19/2020  Mrs. Beargie  Never Play Music Next to the Zoo
5/20/2020 Mrs. Weinhold  Willamena Picklepants
5/21/2020  Mrs. Zeek  My New Friend is So Fun
5/22/2020 Mrs. Sachs   Thelma the Unicorn