September 2020 Virtual Celebration Assembly
Check out our celebrations for our PPE leaders this month!

Mrs. Milsark: Our class has done an AWESOME job transitioning back to school and learning!
Mrs. Schoonover: Our class has been doing an amazing job during independent reading. We have made it to 25 minutes!
Mrs. Callahan: Mrs. Callahan's virtual class worked amazingly well together through breakout rooms to create their house mottos!
Mrs. Buelterman: In math, students sketched numbers using place value blocks and kept them perfectly lined up in tens frames.  Great work!
Mrs. Little: Mrs. Little's class is doing a great job using desks and keeping masks on.  We also were able to read to self for four and a half minutes!
Mrs. Angelbeck: Mrs. Angelbeck's class is doing a great job with keeping their supplies organized in their desks!
Mrs. Bender: Mrs. Bender's virtual 2nd grade class has been working hard to learn and use Canvas each day!
Ms. Garlichs: Ms. G's class were rockstars with their maks!
Mrs. Kovac: In Mrs. Kovac's class our goal every day is beat the morning bell.  That means they come in, get ALL of their things ready for the day before the bell rings at 9am.  Since the start of school they have beat the bell 7 times!  I'm so proud of them!
Mrs. Sachs: Our class has had amazing, POSITIVE attitudes and have been working so hard and focusing on 2nd grade!
Mrs. Bremer: Mrs. Bremer's class is doing a great job reviewing letters, sounds, and sight words.
Mrs. Pearson: Mrs. Pearson's class has been amazing adjusting to our classroom routine.  Keep it up!
Mrs. Mecker: Mrs. Mecker's class is doing a wonderful job participating in class discussions and being respectful of others ideas.
Mrs. Mateja: Mrs. Mateja's class has achieved enough compliments to meet their goal in 2 weeks.  Great Job!
Mrs. Rogers: My 4th graders are working hard to learn the new expectations of 4th grade.  I am so proud of them!
Mrs. Vandiver: Mrs. Vandiver's class has earned 9 compliments so far.  Good job!
Ms. Barnhart: Ms. Barnhart is so proud of how well her 4th graders are adjusting to being back to school!
Mrs. Slater: Mrs. Slater's students have already filled the marble jar.  They cannot wait for their first celebration.