February 2021 Celebrations
Check out our February Leader in Me Celebrations that we celebrated on our virtual assembly:

Mrs. Mahler: Mrs. Mahler’s 5th grade class did really well on their decimal test in math.

Mrs. Findley & Mrs. Orf: We are so proud of all of you reaching your WIG goals each month!  We are always so excited to see the updates on the grade level and building bulletin boards.  Way to go, Flyers!!

Mrs. Rogers: Mrs. Roger’s class is doing a fabulous job earning compliments from other teachers.  Keep it up!

Mrs. Schoonover: Mrs. Schoonover’s class average for their decimal math test was 92%!  Way to go!

Mrs. Garlichs: Mrs. G’s first grade kiddos are doing a fabulous job writing personal narratives!  We are authors!

Mrs. Angelbeck: Mrs. Angelbeck’s class has been working hard with their long vowels and magic “e”.  It is making them better readers!

Mrs. Fletcher: First graders are doing a great job learning how to type their logins on the chromebooks in tech class!  Keep up the good work!

Mrs. Marstall: Coach Marstall wants to thank all students for working hard and setting goals.  Way to go!

Mrs. Sachs: Mrs. Sachs’s class has been working so hard on arrays and mental math.

Mrs. Pearson:  Mrs. Pearson’s class has been working so hard on multiplication and learning our facts.

Mrs. Kovac: All of Mrs. Kovac’s class met their reading and math goals for the month of January!  Way to go!

Mrs. Buelterman: Mrs. Buelterman’s class has done a great job of using the distributive property when multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers!

Mrs. Vandiver: Mrs. Vandiver’s class has worked hard to reach reading goals!

Mrs. Bremer:  Mrs. Bremer’s class has been working hard on addition and subtraction within 20!

Mrs. Mateja: Mrs. Mateja’s class did an amazing job on their Chapter 6 math assessment on multiplication.  Great job!