March 2021 Celebration Assembly
Check out our March celebrations from our school-wide Leader in Me virtual assembly:

Mr. Howell: Mr. Howell would like to give a shout-out to Mrs. Michalka for simply being awesome, and taking care of everyone in our school.

Mrs. Buelterman: Mrs. Buelterman’s class used a variety of strategies to solve division problems.  Way to show your thinking!

Mrs. Rogers: Mrs. Rogers’s class showed 100% growth over multiplication and division skills on the SLO test.  Great work!

Mrs. Mahler: Mrs. Mahler’s class has read almost 175 combined chapter books so far this school year.

First Grade: First grade is working hard learning to sketch 2 digit numbers and write in expanded form.

Mrs. Fletcher: First grade students are learning how to type their logins and are doing GREAT in tech!  Keep it up!

Mrs. Kovac: Mrs. Kovac’s students have been working so hard to learn their sight words!  Keep up the hard work!

Mrs. Mecker: Mrs. Mecker’s class is doing an amazing job earning compliments and putting forth their BEST effort.  Mrs. Mecker is so proud of them!

Mrs. Marstall: Coach Marstall sends a big thank you to all students for making each day a learning opportunity.

Mrs. Orf & Mrs. Findley: We are so proud of all of our PPE Flyers!  Our average attendance for February was 95.4%!!  Keep up the hard work!

Mrs. Milsark: Mrs. Milsark’s class did awesome on their math test for Chapter 9 over multiplying and dividing decimals.

Mrs. Slater: Mrs. Slater’s class worked hard completing their most recent benchmark.

Mrs. Mateja: Mrs. Mateja’s class is working hard to reach their goals with fractions.  Great job!

Mrs. Sachs: Mrs. Sachs’s class is excited to be reading and working in a chapter book for their reading lessons.