Mission, Vision, History

Pheasant Point Elementary Mission Statement

Developing Leaders, Inspiring Learners, and Building Relationships

Vision Statement

At Pheasant Point Elementary, our focus is on the best interest of all students.

Together we will; develop leaders by discovering individual strengths, inspire learners for life, and build relationships by communicating students’ worth through trust, encouragement, and guidance. We are committed to doing what is right by children each and every day.

Lim LH Badge

Leader in Me - Lighthouse School

Pheasant Point Elementary is proud to be a Leader in Me - Lighthouse School.  We earned this distinction in May of 2018.  Our students, staff, and families work together to incorporate the 7 Habits of Happy Kids.  As a school community, we work together to create opportunities for students to lead throughout the building in different leadership roles, write classroom mission statements, set wildly important goals, and track progress towards meeting our goals in order to hold ourselves and each other accountable for our building academics, culture, and leadership.  

Learn more about Leader in Me by clicking here: Leader in Me