General Info

Notes from Nurse Kelly

Just a reminder about the district’s policy concerning medicine to be given at school:  The giving of prescription and non-prescription medication shall be restricted to necessary medication that cannot be given on an alternative schedule.  When the school district administers medications, the medicine must be accompanied by a current label affixed by the pharmacy and physicians orders showing the following:

1. Name of student

2. Name of medication

3. Dosage and frequency

4. How medication is to be given

5. Physician’s name

Any changes in the dosage of prescription medication will require a new physician order and signature from parent/guardian. The district will not administer the first dose of any prescription medication.

For non-prescription medication: The medicine must be accompanied by written permission from the student’s parent/guardian (Forms are available in the clinic). A physician’s signature is required only for prescription medications.

1. Medicine must be in the original manufacturer’s container.

2. Request must state the reason for giving the medication.

3. Assurances that the student has no known allergies to the medication.

4. School nurse will follow the directions on the label of the over the counter medication, and may elect not to administer the medication if the request is considered inappropriate for dosage, symptom relief, or based on frequency of request. The parent/guardian will be notified if the request to dispense over the counter medication is denied for any reason.