AMI Days

Fort Zumwalt AMI Days

You need to know....

-AMI means Alternative Methods of Instruction
-AMI days may be used by the district instead of a traditional “make-up” snow day 
-AMI days will be announced as an “AMI Learning Day” by the Administration 
-Elementary students will have learning packets sent home for students prior to the AMI day to SAVE in case of an inclement AMI learning day 
-All teachers will be available (for school hours) via email to parents and students for the learning day to help them as they need them.
-Teachers will send out a morning message via email to students’ families about the expectations for the day and remind students of the schedule of the day
-Students should complete the provided practice pages packet for the snow day & return the work to the teacher the next school day
-1 packet per day. Students have been sent home with all 5 packets
-If the snow day was an A day the next school day will be a B day. There will be No missed days in the schedule.
-If you were supposed to have Art, PE, Music or Technology, you will hear from the specialist on the assignment for that class the morning of the AMI day. 
-There will be no additional days added to the end of the year for an AMI school day!
-We are allowed to use 36 hours or 5 instructional days for this purpose.

Please call the Pheasant Point Office of Mrs. Orf or Mrs. Findley if you have any further questions about AMI learning days!