Outdoor Ed Survey Results
Survey Results: Outdoor Education Program
Posted on 04/25/2019
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The Fort Zumwalt School District would like to thank the parents who participated in our recent survey on the Outdoor Education Program. Consistent with all curriculum areas, the program curriculum is regularly reviewed and updated. The survey was one part of this standard review and the results gave us great feedback on plans moving forward.

We wanted to share some key survey results now, with additional details to be included later in a final report from the Outdoor Education Curriculum Committee to the Board of Education. Our schedule is already set to return to Cuivre River State Park this fall and we will be working the next several months to ensure we are ready for a new group of 5th grade students. From a total of 1,569 responses, the following results emerged:

1. Just over 80% of the responses favored maintaining an overnight program at the current camp location in Cuivre River State Park.

2. At 66%, the majority of responses also favor a program running 4-5 days similar to the current camp schedule versus a shortened 2-3 day program.

3. Overall, those not in favor of overnights tended to highlight safety concerns, time away from family, and/or lost classroom time as their primary reasons for preferring a different program model.

4. Generally speaking, the individual comments were overwhelmingly positive about the program and that the tradition of camp plays a key role in the culture of the Fort Zumwalt School District.  

5. There were also consistent comments about improving the camp facilities. We are actively working with Cuivre River State Park representatives to review and address as many of these items as possible.

6. Specific to program costs, roughly 45% felt the current fee for of $240 set for Fall, 2019, was reasonable to support the program. The remaining 55% would support an increased fee of up to $300 (34%) or $350 (21%) going forward.

7. We also noted that many respondents with younger students were not aware there is an annual fundraising opportunity during the spring for fourth grade students to help offset camp costs.

Thanks again for taking the time to provide feedback and we hope you found the survey results informative. We look forward to continuing to improve the Outdoor Education Program and build on this Fort Zumwalt tradition. For those interested in a more detailed look at the survey results, you can link to a summary report listing each question.