Coach's Corner
Fun Olympic Tidbits
Posted on 01/21/2022
ppe flyers logoOur focus the last two weeks in PE has been on the upcoming Winter Olympic games. In fact, we have even participated in a few of them ourselves! To introduce each lesson, students have watched short videos to help them better understand the sports we have been focusing on.

Our unit is drawing to a close but there is so much more I would like my students to know- especially in relation to the history and science behind the Olympics. I will be sharing links to videos that I think you and your child will enjoy! Please check them out! Each is usually only about five minutes long but jam packed with information that is bound to get you all excited about next month’s Olympic Games.

This week's topic is the science behind the Olympics. From Shaun White and engineering the half pipe to the physics of the slapshot, to the science behind the friction used in curling and the math involved in scoring - you are bound to find a topic of interest for you and your kiddo!

Click the link below and enjoy! - Mrs. Furtwengler