Kindergarten leaders - Celebration Assembly
Celebration assembly - May
Posted on 05/06/2019
Kindergarten student leaders- Habit # 8- Find Your VoiceEvery month on our early release day, we celebrate all the Great things HaPPEning at PPE!  Our students lead this celebration assembly from start to finish. Tech leaders run our sound equipment, Google Slides leaders create our slideshows, public speaking leaders share out celebrations from every class, and many more students lead in various areas. 
This year we wanted everyone to have an opportunity to lead, every grade level along with our Special Education and Special area teachers selected a month to lead our celebration assembly.  Celebration assemblies are a chance for our student leaders to shine as well as celebrate PPE in the areas of culture, academics, and leadership!
   During the Month of May our kindergarten students showcased Habit 8- Find Your Voice along with a song featuring the Leader in Me Habits.  Our kindergarten students were amazing leaders! Kindergarten leads May Celebration Assembly - Video 
KDG leads assembly