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 Kelly Holman
School Nurse
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 Erin Smith
Clinic Clerk
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Welcome to the Clinic! 

We want to keep your child healthy and safe while they are at school. Please make sure to always have an updated phone number and emergency contacts listed. 

Birthday Treats

We encourage non food items. Please make sure there are no food allergies in your child's classroom. If you are bringing a snack please check with the teacher prior to bringing snacks that day. Even though it may say peanut free it still maybe made in a peanut facility to where some students cannot have this. There are so many different food allergies we want to keep everyone safe. Please think of the safety of all children.

Should My Child Take a Sick Day?

Knowing when to send your child off to school and when to keep him/her home can be a tough judgement call. A few guidelines can help if you are wondering how sick is too sick for school. You should consider keeping your child home if any of the following symptoms are observed: 

Repeated vomiting
Fever (see note below) 
Severe sore throat 
Wheezing/difficulty breathing
Redness/discharge from eye
Uncontrolled or severe coughing
Skin problems: rashes of unknown origins 

All student absences should be verified by calling into the office. Please inform the school if your child has a communicable illness, such as strep throat, influenza, etc.

Note on Fevers 

A student with a body temperature of 100.0 degrees or above will be sent home. The district recommends that a student with a fever remain out of school until they are fever free for 24 hours.

What If My Child Needs to Take Medication at School?

The school district recognizes that some students may require medication for chronic and short-term illnesses during the school day to enable them to remain in school and participate in their education. See Medication at school in the Clinic Forms tab of this website.